Enthusiasts known as the Aborigines, arrived in Australia more than 40 000 years ago.After being in their canoes from the bark sailed from Asia and from island to island, they probably landed in the tropical north of Australia. With them they brought wild dogs, ancestors of today’s dingov. These hunters and gatherers kamenodobski otherwise had no bow and pušèice, in hunting but are helping them prepare well-thought-boomerang and woomera, especially luèalo bark.

Boomerang and woomera, spears, the traditional weapons for hunting and fishing.The hunting of wildlife enthusiasts also use traps.

When the Australian coast in 1788 landed the first Europeans to establish a penal colony, lived throughout the continent around 300 000 domaèinov who spoke 500 messages on various nareèij. They lived in perfect harmony with nature and all living things, confident that land can not be nikogršnja property. Nature, who gave them food and water, was in their view, heritage, they left all the ancestors.

4.1. Dream time

 Enthusiasts say they are being created at the beginning of the spiritual world, the earth and everything living on it. All are related to the past and they identify that particular part of the earth or one of its creatures.

Among the majority of tribes is widespread belief that in parallel with the concepts hereand now there is still a dream time , in which people slip when they sleep. In ancient times, enthusiasts believe, was only a dream time, at some toèki has been split and formed a care than a small difference between the waking and sleep.

An understanding of the dream timer help domaèinov beliefs regarding Uluru and other natural svetišèa. Enthusiasts say that the timer at the beginning of the world mavrièna snake awoke from a long slumber deep underground. When she straightened, she was in the way of a large rock. Mavrièna snake has risen to the surface and it has led to Uluru.

4.2. Their lives

 The locals have lived in small tribal communities, which are, when run out of food, regularly migrate to new areas. When they leave, the land was burned, that would ensure that the event will return to earth again fertile. Lived in simple homes made of wood and bark.

Young men hunted kangaroos, emus and opusume, creatures of the world, who were threatened by tribal laws should only be used for food. Configuring the bait to fish and hunt ducks.

Women are accumulating for edible plants, insect larvae and stores of honey ants. Seeds were ground into flour and bake bread from it.

In most arid and inhospitable country can survive only with the knowledge and experience they have gathered during the long millennia of their ancestors. This land was their generous loving friend. They knew all the edible and useful plants or hedges.During long spells of treated water from desert frogs that were buried deep in the sand dunes and the water kept his stomach. Older, well-respected members of the tribe, are passed on to younger secret rites and customs of his tribe and taught them how to can converse with the spirits of ancestors.

4.3. Conflicts with white settlers

The new arrivals had no understanding of aboridinskega relationship to the earth and everything else. To eliminate the interior, removing the pasture. Very soon there was a conflict, but unarmed enthusiasts do not have well-equipped to counter the Europeans.This was the Beginning of the first massacre, which was continued until the late 19thcentury. Its price was also requested by the disease, which previously did not exist: cholera and goats. Number domaèinskega population was at 300 000 in 150 years, falling to only 40 000! For the most part lived in the reserves or missions and remote AREAS Land.

Today the number domaèinov narašèa again. In accordance with a scheduling conflict the federal government are getting back some land. Drawers have already Ayersovo a rock on the maps is written as Uluru, which is yet to be a major tourist attraction. Some other holy symbols are more accessible to visitors. At these places celebrate Aboriginal dream time in all its colorful tradition.

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