Acrylic paintsAround 1930, Americans began experimenting with acrylic paints, acrylic paints for painting began around l95o year. Painting with acrylic paints has a much higher priority per doil paints, acrylic paints as they dry fast., soluble in water, can invoke the acrylic paint is applied on different bases, dilute or very dense, with paint brush or spatula. For painting with acrylic paints are the most suitable synthetic brushes. For thicker coatings are very good in natural brushes harder brushes, spatulas are usedfor the dense and thick nanose.Po finished painting with acrylic paint brushes immediately with cold water and soap., where the painting brushes are used more by the work stored in the water hanging on the handle.
The preferred substrate for acrylic colors are toned canvas, blocks of watercolors.Acrylic paints a bright white color, except for the green-red-brown-yellow paint. The citric use acrylic paints we quickly slikati.Z acrylic paints to paint on wood,textiles, plastics , metal, ceramics.

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