Who was the first gazed at the sky? Australian Aborigines may have been the first who studied the stars

SYDNEY – An Australian study has revealed that Australian aborigines were perhaps the first in the world who have watched the stars. Observers of the stars and ancient Egypt Stonegengea thus topping for thousands of years, today reported the French news agency AFP.

Professor Ray Norris says he has detailed knowledge of the stars in the traditional songs and stories passed down from generation to generation of Aborigines, whose history dates back tens of thousands of years ago.

Norris, an astronomer at the Australian scientific agency the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization, said that there are many superb Aboriginal songs, legends and myths about the sky, which are studied in detail. They found that there are a nomadic Aborigines to assist in guiding the sky, timing and indications of the seasons.

Norris is mentioned as an example of ritual song, in which the eclipse interpreted as an act of love between the Sun and the Moon, with a body covered with another body. Now, looking for evidence that would aboriginsko placed in the history of astronomy, for example, carved in the rock record of meteors or comets.

He Norris believes that the Aborigines in the observation of stars ahead of Europeans, including British Stonegengeom that occurred around 3100 BC, as well as the great pyramids of Giza.

“We found that the Aborigines dealt with astronomy, but we do not know when they began to observe the stars. If this was before 10,000 or 20,000 years ago, then Aborigines were the first astronomers worldwide,” added Norris.