History: The dot painting and “dot art”, as it is called in Australia is a new kind of traditional art of Australian Aborigines and thus has its roots in the bark paintings, the body paint, soil and rock paintings. The elements of these paintings are dots, polka dots, concentric circles, lines, stripes, spirals, ornaments, footprints in the sand, animal and plant images. 

By an artistic movement, the PapunyaTula Artist Pty Ltd, in the early 70’s were first introduced, the other only for cultural purposes to tradition, serving paintings in the form of images to the public. As these paintings were the “history” of the natives were, and among other things, about secret sacred ceremonies told that only certain tribal members were available, signs and symbols were camouflaged with dots and obscured. This kind of art was a kind of trend which was also the West’s attention. Today, works of art by famous artists aboriginal traded at high prices. 2007 Mbantua Gallery auctioned at an auction in Sydney a work of art of renowned artist Emily Kngwarreye, titled “Earth Creation” to 1.056 million – dollars. This is the highest price ever paid for a work by a native artist.

Technology: It was originally painted in the dot painting with natural pigments and earth colors, which were applied with a blade of grass or small branches. Today, acrylic paints and manufactured logs are used in various sizes. 

It is important that the color has the right consistency, so the points do not extend or be monstrously fat. The timber is immersed with the tip and then vertically, like a stamp is pressed onto the paint surface. It can dive up to an average of three points are generated with time. The decisive factor is the constant distance between the dots to achieve a beautiful surface course and the “pixel” effect. Thus, row by row and dotted generated by repeatedly add small amounts of paint over a continuous gradient. It is a very time-consuming technique that can produce very interesting visual effects and has meditative effect.

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